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10k Course

This year the 10K race will once again be starting and finishing at Croton Harmon High School and following its traditional route over the Croton Dam.

The Race starts (S) On Old Post Road South, just past the entrance to Bethel Cemetery. At Veteran’s Corners: Left turn on Cleveland Drive; Left turn on Gerstein Street and Right turn on Wood Road. Bear right onto Route 129; cross over to the left side of Route 129. Left on Batten Road.

Near the top of Batten Road hill bear right at intersection with Bramble Bush Road. Follow Batten Road to end and cross Route 129 to Croton Dam Road. Cross over Croton Dam and continue on Croton Dam Road to intersection with Quaker Ridge Road; right turn on to Quaker Ridge Road. Follow Quaker Ridge Road to Quaker Bridge Road; right turn on Quaker Bridge Road; down the hill and across Quaker Bridge. Bear left on Quaker Bridge Road as you pass the intersection with Niles Road, and continue up the hill to Route 129.

Follow Route 129 to left on Jacoby Street; right on Cleveland Drive to Veteran’s Corners. Right on Old Post Road South. FINISH LINE – directly in front of Croton Harmon High School.

The 10K course is well-marked with plenty of water stops and helpful volunteers along the way to direct you. We are constantly striving to give you the best possible information about our course for you as a runner. This is a challenging course even for the best runner, but very satisfying to have accomplished.
Want to print out this course?  Here’s a PDF.

Turn-by-Turn Overview of the 5K Course

The 5K Run/Walk will start on Old Post Road South about 50 yards east of the 10K starting line. Proceed across Veteran’s Corners on Old Post Road South. Follow Old Post Road South to end;  right on Truesdale Drive. Left on Cedar Lane;  left again on Nordica drive.

Bear right at Truesdale Drive and continue to Silver Lake Parking lot.  Up the slight grade along the Croton Gorge Trail;  follow the trail to its end at Cleveland Drive. Follow Cleveland Drive back to Veteran’s Corners;  Right on Old Post Road South and continue to finish line in front of Croton Harmon High School.

The 5K course is well marked and there are volunteers along the route to direct you. You can access a printable map of the 5K course by clicking here. (After you click to open the picture, right-click on the picture and choose “Print Picture” from the drop-down menu).

Turn-by-Turn Overview of the Fun Run Course

The Fun Run starts on Cleveland Drive near Veteran’s Corners. Follow Cleveland Drive to Gerstein Street; Right turn on Gerstein Street then up and around the Driveway at CET Elementary School. Back to Cleveland Drive and return to veteran’s Corners; Right on Old Post Road South and continue to finish line in front of Croton Harmon High School.

Questions on any of the course routes? E-mail Jud ( if you have any questions after perusing these maps and reading the text.